Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Rogue states brought to heel: Saudi Arabia, NK, Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, UK, Israel

 Source: 8chan #1158695

 Source: 8chan #1158695


Think SA.
Order is important.
SA -> NK.
NK -> Armenia.
Armenia -> Iran
Iran ->
Any other rogue nuclear states?
Define hostage.
Define protection.
Who is protected by rogue nuclear states?
Trust the plan.
Why are border states like AZ/CA important?
Why is MX vocal against POTUS?
Those who are the loudest…..
The Great Awakening.
Iron Eagle.

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Rogue Nuclear State. Israel!

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Pakistan after Iran?

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Iran -> ISRAEL.

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> Order is important

Sounds like USA will be truly liberated last, so the swamp and the rest of the bad hombres won't have anywhere to run. Long term game. Slow burn. Death by a thousand cuts.

We got to be more patient and vigilant in other words, sir?

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>Any other rogue nuclear states?
>Who is protected by rogue nuclear states?
top puppets. black hat pawns.
>Those who are the loudest…..
74% jews voted against POTUS.
(((they))) will FALL.

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Israel has nuclear weapons, also a rogue state? but will be last…???

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Actually, UK is nuclear with the subs. They're a rogue state, are they not?

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Pakistan, Israel, EU.
Let's be fair - EU has been gunning for a continental army and has run their mouth about going full imperial again.
Those who are the loudest…
Saving the best for last?


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Think about Saudi Arabia
The order of everything is important.

Saudi to North Korea
North Korea to Areminia
Armenia to Iran
Iran then sells.
We should look into other countries who have been acting up and still, somehow, haven't been dealt with.

Define Hostage:
"one that is involuntarily controlled by an outside influence"

Define protection: "the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm."

The people who are protected by rogue nuclear states are the countries that benefit from their threats.

AZ/CA are important because without border states, Mexico can't be used as a method for the cabal to traffick through. If that's the case, the cabal will leave.

Q is telling us that by shutting down illegal immigration, Mexico's corruption will unravel.

Mexico is going to be made great.

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Those who are the loudest have the most to lose and are the most corrupt.

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Q is Macron flipped to a white hat?

‘French connection’: Macron & Trump’s political bromance blossoming after Syrian strikes

Published time: 23 Apr, 2018 14:32

https:// www.rt.com/news/424889-macron-trump-political-bromance/


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Bush declared the Axis of Evil.
Trafficking countries with slave gardens.
Interesting that W or V V said this

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SA -> NK -> Armenia -> Iran -> Pakistan -> Israel

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Iran -> ISRAEL.
Bye Bye, Bibi Netanyahu.

PAK muslim and nuclear, already cleared?

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What about Erdogan? I don't trust that fellow

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Human trafficking through the border states

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We need to help Haiti. I was just there. HRC raped the entire country.

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Clowns (Cabal) control MX? Drugs & human trafficking

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Israel. That will be last. Are you telling us Israel is a rogue nuclear state Q?

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Axis of Evil W
W -> V V -> NK -> Iran ->Pakistan ->Wendy
->congress -> Renegade Hussein

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>Iron Eagle.
Every time I read Iron Eagle I think of Germany

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It has been suspected for a long time that Israel has nuclear weapons, and they have not signed the NPT. God knows they love to fuck around across the middle east, and quite a few people in congress have dual citizenship to Israel. I believe Q said they were last for a reason.

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>Why are border states like AZ/CA important?
Clowns make covert money, guns, drugs, people.

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the heads of Israel did 9/11

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Colin email leak.

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Pakistan -> then the final trophy kill being ISRAEL

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Q… thinking MAP

==> all those countries bordering on Russia.

==> Russia being liberated from CLOWN/Cabal nuke infestation on border?

==>liberate russia => muh world peace?

If yes: UKRAINE next?? also Clown/KKK/Cabal infested.

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>>1158570 (OP) - Updated + fixed formatting
Monday 4.23.18

>>1159198 rt >>1159032 — Wake up!
>>1159032 rt >>1158853 — Board of Auditors
>>1158853 rt >>1158720 — Happening now
>>1158695 rt >>1158519 — Think SA. Order is important.
>>1158519 rt >>1158228 — Armenians freed.
>>1158067 rt >>1158014 — Why was Armenia mentioned recently?
>>1158014 ———————- The world is awakening
>>1157518 ———————- Reminder. Iran is Next. Marker.

((Iron Eagle))

My thoughts pic related.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Q: Pedogate, Satanism, Hollywood, Abramovic, HRC, Obama, Alefantis

Video by SGT Report >

Published April 23, 2018

These people are stupid. We have it all. You can't believe the size of this. Mack is singing like a canary. Naming names. Big names. In Hollywood and government. Local and Federal. Proof. #Q

See also:

Arrested: Allison Mack of "Smallville". Sex trafficking, Satanists, Marina Abramovic

Barack Obama connection with Marina Abramovic and James Alefantis

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Arrested: Allison Mack of "Smallville". Sex trafficking, Satanists, Marina Abramovic

Source: Fox News - and she looks like such a nice young woman... Wolves in sheep's clothing. 
Published April 21, 2018

Image source

Video. PizzaGate: Allison Mack Arrested, More Politicians Connected to Hollywood Sex Cult Nxivm?

Chris Simpson Channel - Streamed live 2 hours ago

Smallville Actress Allison Mack was arrested days ago over her involvement in a secret sex cult run by NXIVM founder Keith Raniere. The cult allegedly blackmailed, beat, and branded members of the group, while forcing other members to recruit more slaves. In addition to Mack and other celebrities being tied to the cult, there are several possible connections to well known politicians. NXIVM donated over $29,000 to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. While Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's father lobbied for Raniere in 2004 before his arrest. Allison Mack is also a supporter of Marina Abromovic, an acquaintance of Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta who asked Podesta to participate in a 'Spirit Cooking' dinner in a bizarre Wikileaks emails.

Isaac Green
Published on Apr 22, 2018

 Q Anon comments on "Mack". Qanonposts.com   #1203  #1204  #1208


>>1121272 Alison Mack singing like a canary, as Alan Dershowitz would say
>>1121283 Canary palm tree? Signal? Q

Mack is naming names. Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal). Proof. The ‘Standard’ Hotel. Helicopter crash. All related. Future will prove past. AS. Feeling ok today? Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important? Tick TOCK (LLC). Q

Please note: the first announcement about "Mack" by Q Anon was on April 20, 2018 at 2am. The time you see above is New Zealand time (where I live). It was 2am EST. The news about the Allison Mack arrest broke publicly on Fox on April 21, 2018. ie: To me this is proof that Q in fact is an insider.

Sorry about that Defango and AIM4Truth. I think you guys got it wrong about Q being a psyops! I was definitely open to that idea since I know that Q has been hacked twice before, at the end of November 2017 and at the beginning of January 2018. However, when information keeps getting dropped in this manner before the news becomes public, the logic on this says that Q has to be an insider. Personally, I still won't follow Q blindly as if the Q team is my guru, but posts like this about "Mack" contribute once again to my trust as "this Q" being the real deal - an insider, and one who is probably very close to POTUS.

Keep testing. Keep asking questions. Never become a follower for the sake of being a follower. Keep following your own inner guidance and research on everything. Scepticism is always ok, so long as you have proofs to back up your scepticism - which in the case of Q, I do have proofs that Q drops are not always true... But i'm happy to post relevant Q that stands up to scrutiny. Thanks all, BronnyNZ

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